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• Conduct  on-line consultations with  your patients.
• Conduct medical consults/exchanges with other medical colleagues,
• Delegate patient visits to medical assistants and follow up remotely.
• Add another specialist(s) to your on-line consultations.

No. It works like ‘Zoom’, you can send your patients/colleagues the link/code to join your  on-line consultation session without them having to sign-up/register on MKI.

Simply fill out the information in the registration form.
We will contact you shortly to verify your email-address. After this we will ask you for to upload your medical qualifications to verify you as a doctor or medical assistant.

In addition to the on-line consultation, patient health data is captured with compatible, certified mobile medical devices and forwarded/streamed live to the physician via the portal. This means you can stream live images, sounds and data from stethoscope, ECG, sonography, dermatoscope, endoscope, etc. into the ongoing, on-line consultation and (extend) telemedicine.
The allows you to detect, diagnose, and rule out relevant cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, skin, and internal diseases regardless of time and place.
It may also include sharing your experience and clinical expertise with your colleagues around the world in specific cases.

Contact us bellow for a discussion and a non-binding offer on the devices that meet your specific needs.

Medikonsil complies with the strictest and highest data protection requirements required by law in Europe for telemedicine under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

The extent of data processing depends on your use of the functionalities of the website, for example if you communicate with us via the contact form) or consent to the processing of data (contact and registration form).
You are not obliged to provide us with personal data. However, insofar as the provision of this data is technically mandatory for accessing our site, a refusal will result in you not being able to enter and use our website.
In order for us to be able to show you the website, it is necessary to process certain information (log files, cookies). This already takes place when you call up our website. In addition, we offer various functionalities on our website that make further data processing necessary.

The health data will only be seen by the treating doctors/therapists and medical assistants.

The confidentiality of doctors and therapists of course also applies to online consultations. The video calls and the data-stream are encrypted end-to-end so that the data remains completely confidential. In addition, the data is stored on German/Liechtenstein servers. You can find more detailed information in our privacy policy.

Link to Contact and “For more information see our privacy policy.

Medikonsil video services are payable on demand via PayPal:
• For a video consultation with one patient (possibly with assistant) = $4.
• For a video session with one patient (possibly with assistant) + additional interlocutor = $8
• For a specialist consultation, a physician fee is due according to the price list in the portal.

No, you only pay when you use the service (pay per use).

MKI is an innovative webportal to engage in worldwide medical aid and link medical professionals and experts with each other. MKI is a platform to connect medical experts with each other and provides an on-line,  live conferencing tool to be used by medical professionals.

The MKI services are suitable for all doctors and their medical assistants who want to achieve an improved quality and efficiency of care for their patients.

You can delete your account at any time in your membership settings.

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